A little about me..

I am Ryusuke Minamori. Founder/Father/Friend/Pluviophile

Well, first and foremost I’m an avid gamer and have been for a very long time. I have been building computers since I was a wee young one. As I grew up, I took this to the next level and entered into the realm of IT.

I am an entrepreneur, community leader, and solo parent. My goals in life are to positively assist, improve, and push others to success. This goes for anyone who may cross my path. I instill teachings of acceptance, kindness, and dedication in my daily life. Hopefully it will rub off on you!

Never Give Up.

Currently a part-time streamer, full time working dad. But don’t worry, I’ll still make time for each and every one of you that stop in and hang out!

None of this would have been attainable without a good cup of coffee at my side. I want to thank Grinding Coffee Co. for accepting me into the partner program! Now It's my turn to share the wonderful joy of this delicious coffee with YOU. With a variety of flavours, easy store navigation, and a good cause behind the Logo - We have a recipe for high quality coffee delivered to your door!