About Us


Welcome to Grinding Coffee Co., a small, black & LGBTQ+ owned coffee business. We are one of the few black owned coffee businesses nationwide! We're a specialty coffee shop that has the freshest coffee you can buy on the internet, gamer guaranteed. Each order is roasted to order, not roasted on set days like some other big coffee companies. What makes our business even cooler than theirs is that we're online only! No brick & mortar store here. We're zoomers. That's a little too much responsibility, you feel me?

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the gaming industry, especially in a time of great need for diversity and inclusivity. We celebrate our individuality in the gaming space openly and without fear. You should too! 


This business started in the middle of a pandemic thanks to two best friends: Oso & Liyah. Both were fired from their jobs like millions of Americans. Both realized they needed to do something in order to survive. 

Together, they created Grinding Coffee Co. with several ideas in mind. First, this business had to be for something they both had in common. Gaming was the right avenue. Secondly, they had to give back. Both Liyah & Oso experienced a form of poverty but were ultimately helped in their situations by the public so giving back is something they enjoy doing. Lastly, this business had to mean something. At the time of creation, George Floyd had just been murdered and Pride Month had just begun, with Juneteenth right around the corner. They wanted something to tie in with the social climate that was uproaring on social media. At a crucial time in our history, black people & the LGBTQIA2S+ community were in the spotlight of our country. We had to do something. We decided that if we created this business, we would make sure to connect the black community with the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Thus, the business was born.


We've had our ups and downs as a business but we're thankful to be where we are. As it stands, we are a small business. We do not make a killing on profit from this business. We keep this business open because we believe in being one of the forward faces of diversity & inclusivity within the gaming industry. We believe in loving each other and loving yourself. This is a pandemic, for crying out loud. We *deserve* each other. We want you as safe as possible and as happy as possible. What better way to have all of the above than getting some fantastic gay coffee delivered straight to your door? 


Thank you for sticking through the year with us. It has been tough but the overwhelming support from our community has kept us going. Thank you for being a part of us. From us, to you, thank you.



♥ Grinding Coffee Co. Team