About Us & FAQ

Who We Are:

Grinding Coffee Co. is a black, LGBT+ affiliated and owned, coffee business that is aimed at providing coffee to people who stay at home. We don't own a brick and mortar store because we like to be environmentally friendly and who wants a monthly bill for a big space?! Our customers' satisfaction is what makes our job so great. We serve high quality, freshly roasted premium coffee to customers around the world. 50% of all company branded merchandise (hats, mugs, shirts, etc) proceeds are directly donated towards a charity of our choice that is in need. Our passion is giving back to those in need, just like we once were. This business is ran by two people total, no managers, no janitors, just us. 

Where does the coffee come from? How fresh is it?

Our coffee is fair trade coffee that is imported from their individual companies and handled by our distributor's warehouse located in sunny Temecula, CA. The coffee we import is certified organic and 100% all-natural by the US FDA. On the day that your coffee is shipped, it is roasted, placed in the air-tight and sealed package for delivery, and sent your way. This process is considered to be a specialty, high quality roast coffee shop. Quality is important to us and we enjoy making this coffee for you to enjoy like we do. 

How long will it take my package to get here?

It takes 2-3 business days to process payment. After payment processing, it takes an additional 3 days. Every order is roasted the morning of shipping and mailed by 12PM EST, Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times are delayed. As per USPS' guidelines, you can expect a 2-4 business day delay. 

I ordered more than 1 bag of coffee and only received half of my order. Where is the other half?

Chances are more than likely the other half of your order is coming from our second warehouse, where we keep our specially roasted coffees such as blends. We blend in house with natural and artificial flavoring!

What is the hole in my coffee bag?

The hole in the bag at the top is a one-way valve. It lets the coffee aroma seep through while preventing oxygen, moisture, and light getting through. This is how we keep it fresh during shipment and fresh in your house for storage.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Please adhere to your country's guidelines pertaining to how packages are received into your country from the United States during this COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, shipping will be expensive.

What is The Coffee Trust charity about?

The Coffee Trust is a charity tailored to helping indigenous coffee farmers improve their agricultural practices, diversify their income, and raise healthy families. By establishing projects such as the Women’s Savings & Microcredit program and the Education & Scholarship program, we’re determined to assist the indigenous population into becoming a sustainable society. By purchasing Grinding Coffee Co. branded merchandise (hats, mugs, shirts, etc), 50% of the proceeds are directly donated to the charity in order to fund these projects. This includes t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other items. Our special Guatemalan coffee also has 50% of the proceeds donated to the charity to give back. We believe in helping those who believe in us. As a company, we are grateful for them and thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

What other charities do you work with?

Know a well deserving charity? Email us at info@grindingcoffee.co with the subject "Potential Charity" and we'll reach out to them.

What's coming soon?

September 2020 will have new Fall flavors including some ********** and **********. 

For any further questions, please email info@grindingcoffee.co.